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Trick Or Treat Lane - Free Gifts~♪

@Trick Or Treat Lane

<DI Itsy Bitsy Boo Dress (Boxed) (ADD)>

<.Tardfish. Pumpking Lantern (wear to unpack)>

<SF . Luciana Top - Bloodletting (ToTL2022 Gift)>
<[Aelithe] Good Guy - Wearme> ※ポーズとナイフ

<Spidey Tube Top (JR Wolf Creations)>
<BamPu Legacies~Malificia Twilight Hold Me Sceptre>

<zOOm - Gothic Corset GIFT ADD ME to UNPACK! (unpacked)>

<[QE] Mallory Bodysuit & Skirt -Halloween- (Add Me!)>
<Spice Reaper +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Pumpkin Spice tone>

Location : Southern Magic