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Synergy Group Gifts

@The B2B Market & Halloween Sales 2022

<VW & Faida - Ellera Gold (add) (unpacked)>

<Shanti Fairy Gown with wings and headdress (Add me)>

<Faida - Neko (add) (unpacked)>

<zOOm - Dakota Outfit ADD ME to UNPACK!>

<::With Wings:: The Sun Outfit FATPACK (ADD ME)>

<Manikin - Q-Tees - Boo Crew - Halloween Edition (Add)>
<Something Wicked PJs Blue Plaid by COVETED!>

<Rebel Romper - Sugar Skull>
<Faida - Arachnophobia light (add) (unpacked)> ※31LI

<LiT - Silhouette Cube> ※1LI (中に入るとわかります^^)

Location : Whimsical Hollow Haunted Halloween Isle